Sure, it does have "How I Shit My Pants" and "How I Didn't Get Raped" via Igor Yarkevich. ENJOY!

I might suggest looking out bibliotik for those authors. i'm nearly convinced another stuff by means of Daniil Kharms are available here.

"GLAS provides us a feeling of Russian literature in movement. If it
cannot-perhaps mercifully-convey totally what it's prefer to reside in
Russia at this time, GLAS no less than provides us a flavor of what it's
to be a reader there"
The occasions literary supplement,July 19,1991

"If you can't locate GLAS within the outlets, ask for it. This magazine
deserves huge distribution"
Irish instances Sept 14,1991


Vladimir SOROKIN
A enterprise Proposition nine
Four Stout Hearts 15

How I Shit My Pants fifty one
How I Didn't Get Raped 68

De Profundis ninety seven
Cheekbones, a nostril and a Gully 105

A Letter and different items 123

Urban Sketches 149

Alexander TEREKHOV
Charon 167
Buddy. An Ironical Diary 173

Sergei activity
Per Somnia 237

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