...[They have been attempted] by means of a court docket empanelled from one of the noble households, and sworn upon the sacrifices. The a part of accuser used to be taken by way of Myron. They have been discovered accountable of the sacrilege, and their our bodies have been forged out in their graves and their race banished for evermore. In view of this expiation, Epimenides the Cretan played a purification of the town.

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2; spurious ‘Constitution of Draco’, four. 2–5, cf. three. 1. Dracontides. writer of decree instituting Thirty: 34. three; member of Thirty. Eetionea. a part of Piraeus (map 2): fortified via 400 yet demolished by means of their competitors: 37. 1. Egypt. Visited via Solon: eleven. 1, Epit. three. Eleusis. Deme (map 2): sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone there; mythical conflict opposed to Athens, p. 39, cf. three. 2; past due incorporation in Athenian kingdom, p. forty; Thirty retire there, 36. 1n. , 38. 1n. ; separate neighborhood for oligarchs 403/2–401/0, 39, forty. four; garrisoned by way of cadets, forty two. 4n. ; see additionally Eumolpidae, Heralds; and Eleusinia, Mysteries, in word list. Eleutherae. some distance north-west of Attica (beyond limits of map 2); governed as topic territory: fifty four. 8n. Ephialtes. Reforms Areopagus 462/1: 25; cf. 26. 2, 28. 2, 35. 2, forty-one. 2, Epit. five. Epilyceum. place of work of polemarch, most likely close to and named after Lyceum (map 3): three. five. Epilycus. mythical polemarch, Epilyceum stated to be named after him: three. five. Epimenides. Cretan who purifies Athens after affair of Cylon: 1. Ercchtheus. mythical king of Athens: p. 39, Epit. 1. Eretria. In Euboea (map 1): helps Pisistratus in ultimate seizure of strength, 15. 2; conflict opposed to Sparta 411, 33. 1. Euboea. Aegean island (map 1): Athens depending on its farm land in the direction of finish of Peloponnesian conflict, 33. 1; see additionally Eretria, Geraestus, Oreus. Euclides. Archon 403/2: 39. 1. Eumelides. stated to have kept Lysimachus II from council’s demise sentence: forty five. 1. Eumolpidae. Eleusinian extended family keeping many places of work in Eleusinian cult: 39. 2, fifty seven. 1. Geraestus. South-east cape of Euboea (map 1); element past which ostracized weren't to head: 22. eight. Gorgilus. Of Argos, father of Timonassa: 17. four. Hagnon. Father of Theramenes: 28. three. Harmodius. enjoyed through Aristogiton and Hipparchus I (but the Athenian structure says via Thessalus), assassin of Hipparchus I: 18. 2–4, cf. (name passed over) Epit. four; his cult, fifty eight. 1. Harpactides. Archon 511/0: 19. 6. Hegesias. Archon 556/5: 14. three. Hegesistratus. Son of Pisistratus, stated to be exact with Thessalus: 17. 3–4, cf. 18. 2; despatched via Pisistratus to manipulate Sigeum in Asia Minor (map 1). Helen. mythical daughter of Zeus: kidnapped from Sparta through Theseus and Pirithous, p. 39; accordingly married to Menelaus of Sparta and kidnapped by way of Paris of Troy. Heracles. Hero; rescues Theseus from underworld: p. 39. Heraclides. Of Clazomenae, made an Athenian citizen; raises meeting pay: forty-one. three. Heralds. Athenian extended family which held many workplaces in Eleusinian cult: 39. 2, fifty seven. 1 Hermocreon. Archon 501/0: 22. 2. Herodotus. Historian: named as resource, 14. 1. Hipparchus I. Son of Pisistratus, murdered at Panathenaea 514: 17. 3–18, Epit. four; cf. 19. 2. Hipparchus II. Son of Charmus, almost certainly grandson of Hippias: archon 496/5; first sufferer of ostracism 488/7, 22. four; condemned as traitor for now not returning to Athens 481/0, 22. 8n. Hippias. Eldest son of Pisistratus: 17. 3–18. 1, Epit. four; in 514, 18. 3–6; ideas extra harshly, 19. 1–2; ultimately expelled 511/0, 19. 2–6; Spartan concept to revive him c. 504, 20. 3n. ; with Persians at conflict of Marathon, 22. 3–4n. Hippocrates. Father of Megacles III: 22.

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