Fibroblast Plasmalift wrinkle removal $2900

Sign up for our Fibroblast Plasmalift wrinkle removal training now and be one of the first technicians to offer this revolutionary treatment in Canada. These temporary tiny Carbon deposits will disappear in a few days and leave the skin tight and renewed. Fibroblast are the principal cells responsible for producing more Collagen.

When treated with this Fibroblast Plasmalift wrinkle removal technology the wrinkled and loose skin react by tightening. This creates a lifting effect on the skin. This beauty treatment is very popular in Europe and amongst celebrities. Stay ahead of your competition and start offering your clients these non surgical Fibroblast Plasmalift wrinkle removal treatments. Your clients will see amazing results for hooded eyes and smile lines, upper and lower eyelids, crows feet, neck, stomach, hands, forehead, smokers lips, stretch marks, nasolabial fold, acne scars, aging hand rejuvenation, Pigmentation and sagging skin

FREE machine and aftercare kits included with training
PREREQISITE to this course is Anatomy of the skin. If you do not already have this knowledge it will be provided for you FREE of charge.

Fibroblast Plasmalift wrinkle removal
FREE additional training worth $500

Get the same amazing results as Botox and Fillers without any chemical injections.
Students are required to provide models for this training. Treatment protocol for all Facial and body areas will be taught in this course. Class sizes are very small with only 4 to 6 Students, this will ensure quality hands on training.
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Fibroblast Plasmalift wrinkle removal
Students are encouraged to bring a model who requires more than one treatment area.
Clients usually require a second visit to check upon the treated area.
Some clients may require 2 or more treatments.
The amazing lifting and tightening results should last up to 12 Months.


OCTOBER 21, 22
JANUARY 13, 14


  Day 1 Day 2
9:00 am Registration, History and Physiology of the skin Client diagnosis and assessment
Complete intake form and treatment plan
10:00 am Complete healing process Aftercare instructions Treating different skin types and skin issues First model (REAL PERSON) Students are required to bring their own models for all procedures
11:00 am Work area set up, Proper hygiene and sterilization. Equipment use and Client after care Treatments available Crows feet, Hooded eye lift, Frown lines, Under eye, Forehead, Marionette lines, Neck lift, Aging hands
12:00 pm Lunch Lunch
1:00 pm Client consultation and preparation
Business marketing and client retention
Practice procedure techniques on mannequin
Q & A period 5:00pm class end
Continue working on models (REAL PERSON)
Students can do as many different treatments that can be done before 5:00pm

Class Schedule