Eyelash Extension Classes: Can They be Done Online?

If you’ve been interested in learning how to apply eyelash extensions effectively, attractively and safely, you may have thought about taking a class – perhaps even an online class. The good news is, yes you can take an eyelash extension class online to learn this art, particularly if you are a beauty artist or salon...
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Easter Eyelash Canada Promo 2015

single_eyelash_extensions20Only this Easter you can get a great discount for any of our services!

Bring your friend and get 2 treatments for the price of 1!

Call us at 416.410.8152 to book your appointment!

*offer ends on April 5, 2015

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How to Choose the Shape of Your Eyebrow Tattoo

eyebrw-extensions-toronto-yvetteSo you have made the decision to simplify your makeup routine by getting eyebrow tattoos. Congratulations! Now comes the difficult part: choosing the shape of your new eyebrows. Because eyebrow tattoos are a kind of permanent makeup called micro pigmentation, the shape you choose will last for...
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How to Choose Professional Eyelash Extensions Supply?

Eyelash Extensions Products and Supplies
eyelashcanadaWhy bother with mascara on a daily basis when you can make a long-term arrangement? All hail the genius behind this time-saving innovation! Legend has it that the pioneering movie director D.W. Griffith wanted fake eyelashes on an actress in order to achieve the perfectly feminine doe-eyed...
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Five Professional Tips How to Apply Eyelash Extensions

semi_eyelash_extensions01The same thing goes for cosmeticians as for doctors – regardless of your expertise, working on yourself is a path that leads to messy results! Any self-aware cosmetician will find another professional to do their eyelashes, and as somebody who understands the procedure, you know the trade and...
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Which Type of Eyelash Extensions Should You Choose?

If you’ve been thinking of getting eyelash extensions to really make your eyes pop with definition, you may feel confused as to the many types available. Here at EyelashCanada, we do all kinds of eyelash extensions. In fact, we’re the only company in all of Canada to offer four types: 3D, single, semi-flare and strip...
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Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo
permanent-makeup-1Permanent makeup is just what it sounds like: makeup applied by an expert technician that never comes off. It’s like a tattoo, and most women get their eyebrows, eye liner or lips done so they don’t have to fuss with the application of cosmetics every day....
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Eyebrow Extensions are all the Rage

img_13Remember back in the 80s when thick eyebrows were in and everyone wanted to look like the actress Brooke Shields? The dark, brooding, beautiful look of untamed eyebrows seemed to captivate audiences, magazines and runways just a couple of decades ago. With the 90s and 2000s...
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