How to Choose Professional Eyelash Extensions Supply?

eyelashcanadaWhy bother with mascara on a daily basis when you can make a long-term arrangement? All hail the genius behind this time-saving innovation! Legend has it that the pioneering movie director D.W. Griffith wanted fake eyelashes on an actress in order to achieve the perfectly feminine doe-eyed look that the girl simply wasn’t able to pull off. The lashes of Lucy Owens, the actress, were intertwined with eyelash extensions made of natural hair threaded through gauze, and voila! The first ever false lashes.

Now, Ms. Owens’s eyelashes were designed by a professional wig-maker, but today, you don’t have to look that far to find the perfect pair. Many beauty salons have their own eyelash extension supplies, and experienced professionals on hand. Their professional kits may differ in brand, but the essential eyelash extension kit comes down to the following supplies:

Eyelash extension glue

The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive, even if the rest of your body is not. By applying the wrong kind of eyelash glue you risk inflammation at best, so be very careful about the quality control of the brand you choose. A cheaper bargain is never worth it, in this case. When selecting a brand, keep in mind that they differ in drying time, and that there is special, odorless glue for very sensitive eyes, but each type must be non-toxic, and most importantly, it mustn’t contain formaldehyde.

Eyelash extension gel patches or surgical paper tape?

Eyelash Extension Professional Products There is some debate over which is better, but both are decent fixtures to a professional eyelash extension supply kit. The tape is slightly easier to use, and better adjusted to very sensitive eyes – after all, it is the same tape that is used during medical surgeries (definitely not your average scotch tape)! It is much convenient to cover lower lashes with tape – with simply two pieces you will get needed curve to fit lower eyelid. The gel patches are a commodity, but they are less adjustable, so full coverage of the bottom lashes is not guaranteed. If you are dealing with a fidgety client, it is best to skip right ahead to surgical paper tape. Otherwise you will end up with lower lashes glued to top lashes – and you do not want that to happen.

Eyelash extension tools come in a variety

Eyelash Extensions Products and SuppliesMost of these are things you would have in your purse anyways, but as a professional (or even as a self-appreciating amateur), keep in mind that seamstress scissors do not count as eyelash extension supplies. The basic tools are scissors, as already stated, but also tweezers of a good grip, and a jade stone for easier adhesive handling (jade stays cool for a longer period, keeping the glue from drying out). The eyelashes themselves come in different styles, depending on how much flair the client wants. B curls add volume, C curls are the most dramatic, and J curls are a more modest version of the C curl. Regardless of the curl, the most appealing look is one composed of single strand lashes. This procedure would take too much time to apply on an everyday basis, but that is why professional eyelash extensions exist: long-lasting lash perfection.


Eyelash Canada has all the eyelash extension supplies and products needed to become a professional eyelash extension technician – from lashe and glu to even application tables and surgical tape. You can order each product separately or get a full kit