How to Choose the Shape of Your Eyebrow Tattoo

eyebrw-extensions-toronto-yvetteSo you have made the decision to simplify your makeup routine by getting eyebrow tattoos. Congratulations! Now comes the difficult part: choosing the shape of your new eyebrows. Because eyebrow tattoos are a kind of permanent makeup called micro pigmentation, the shape you choose will last for a very long time so you want to be sure you get it right.

You’re not alone, though. The professionals at Eyelash Canada are here to guide you in your quest to achieve the perfect eyebrows. The benefits to eyebrow tattoos are many, not the least of which is the time savings. You also save money because you’re not investing in costly makeup and eyebrow plucking over the years. Now that you have made the decision to go ahead with the procedure, we’ll go over all the safety precautions and risks, then advise you on the best shape for your face and personal style. We are a leader in cosmetic eyebrow tattoos throughout the GTA thanks to our owner and certified aesthetician Yvette Spencer.

The arch and thickness of the brow you want will often times depend on the shape of your face, along with hair colors and simple personal preferences. Here are some tips on what eyebrow shape will look better on your type of face:

Oval. The perfect eyebrow shape for this type of face is widely considered to be the soft angled eyebrow shape.

Heart. Apply rounded brows. The curve of the brow is soft, feminine and attractive and also creates the heart like look of the face.

Long face. Apply straight horizontal lines that stop the eye moving up and down the face.

Round. Apply lines that go more up and down the face. This helps draw the eye up and down and lengthens it.

Square. A thicker stronger color and shape balances a heavier jawline.

We have some samples for you to look through to see which type of brow design you would like. If you know exactly what you want, a great way to show this is by bringing in a magazine picture of a celebrity so we can best match your interests. If you’re not sure what design you want, no worries. Our aestheticians are well trained in the art of eyebrow tattooing and would be happy to sit down with you and come up with a design that suits you. We believe it’s best to complement your natural features without going overboard, and we’ll show you exactly how we arrive at the best design for your face shape and personal style.

Cosmetic Eyebrow TattooOne misconception is that you have to completely shave off your existing eyebrows for a tattoo to take, but this isn’t the case. We can work with your existing hair to fill it in, make it more plump, or complement it in many ways. We prefer working with your current hair growth pattern as opposed to shaving and drawing on a whole new design, but your wishes always come first. From layering to arches, there are many factors that go into the design of your eyebrow tattoo. It should look as natural as possible to not only gel with your face shape but also with your natural expressions. Another consideration is color. We will match your eyebrows to your hair color to provide the most seamless match possible, with several hues and pigmentations to choose from.

Let the professionals at Eyelash Canada help you with your eyebrow tattoo. You don’t want to leave this all-important beauty procedure to just anyone. Instead, rest easy knowing you’re choosing the best eyebrow tattoo technicians in the GTA. Call us today to get started!