Eyebrow Extensions are all the Rage

img_13Remember back in the 80s when thick eyebrows were in and everyone wanted to look like the actress Brooke Shields? The dark, brooding, beautiful look of untamed eyebrows seemed to captivate audiences, magazines and runways just a couple of decades ago. With the 90s and 2000s came the death of the natural eyebrow, replaced by well-manicured, waxed, pencil-thin brows that were as streamlined as the fashions everybody was wearing. If you were a big fan of those thick, natural eyebrows, good news: they’re back in fashion and are dominating all the models on the runways. Don’t have thick natural brows to boast? Well, you’re in luck there, as eyebrow extensions are available for everyone to get full and lush eyebrows. They work similarly to eyelash extensions, utilizing existing eyebrow hair interwoven with synthetic, mink or silk strands for a fuller look. In addition to the obvious aesthetic appearance, eyebrow extensions can hide any imperfections in your skin around the eyes, such as scars or wrinkles. Ditch the over-plucked look and encourage the growth of fuller and darker brows, enhanced by extension options that allow you to incorporate new shapes and even colors. Eyelash Canada is one such provider of eyebrow extensions, bringing more beauty options to an oversaturated market of plucked, waxed and penciled brows. Anyone can get extensions. However, you must have existing hair on which to attach the extensions, as they can’t be attached directly to the skin. Why? This is to prevent allergic reactions to the adhesive and any other irritations that may occur. There are many degrees and price points for eyebrow extensions, ranging in time from a half hour to nearly two hours depending on the result you’re going for. You can fill in small spots, go for a natural fill all over, or opt for a dramatic fuller brow with the complete package. When you enlist the help of Eyelash Canada, you get treated to the expertise and skills of senior technicians, led by owner and certified esthetician Yvette Spencer. She has more than a decade of experience, with a background in acupuncture, nutritional counseling, herbal remedies and permanent makeup. When you walk into the Eyelash Canada salon, a technician will go over the whole process with you. This process involves the application of single strands of hair to natural eyebrow hair one by one. The basic procedure takes between 30 and 40 minutes, with refills needed every month or so. The end result? A much more natural-looking brow than you get with permanent makeup, pencil or eyebrow wigs. These extensions aren’t heavy and won’t pull out your natural hair. You’ve also got a variety of choices available to you, such as shape, color, thickness and length, plus you can wear eyebrow extensions while you wait out the growth of your natural eyebrow hair due to over-plucking in the past. If you’ve been searching for a reputable business to do eyebrow extensions, you’ve probably had a hard time finding a salon. Most of them do permanent makeup only, but Eyelash Canada offers extensions to anyone who wants to have natural, lush, full eyebrows. Get back in the fashion game and be proud of your brows!