Eyelash Extension Classes: Can They be Done Online?

If you’ve been interested in learning how to apply eyelash extensions effectively, attractively and safely, you may have thought about taking a class – perhaps even an online class. The good news is, yes you can take an eyelash extension class online to learn this art, particularly if you are a beauty artist or salon professional looking to offer this service in your place of business. For the utmost in convenience, these classes are geared to those who simply don’t have the time to attend many in-class workshops, whether due to school, work or family commitments.

Convenient, Affordable Training

eyelashcanadaEyelash Canada offers eyelash extensions training online for the low price of only $299. The classes are led by Yvette Spencer and Ruby Watson, the so-called First Ladies of eyelash extensions renowned throughout Canada since 2004. You can take advantage of this innovative training program in the comfort of your own home. Learn all the latest and best techniques in the eyelash extension world so you can apply that approach to your own customers.

Why Should You Do It?

There are many reasons why taking an online eyelash extension course is beneficial to you. First and foremost, to operate as an eyelash extension technician in Canada, you need a certificate showing you’ve been trained and certified as required by Canadian regulations. This means you have to attend at least one day of class sessions with a qualified instructor. In addition to the online training, you must attend one in-class session within six months in order to get your certificate. Our low price of $299 includes that class for your convenience. Good news: we have many training session times and days to choose from, so select the one that fits best with your schedule. You must also buy your own eyelash kit with training, which is a good thing because you’ll want your own supplies for when you’re certified.

Who Can Benefit From Online Classes?

These classes are best for those who are skilled at learning independently, with minimal reliance on an instructor in a hands-on setting. If you’re the type of person who learns well on his or her own, is diligent about getting the assignment completed, and can budget time well, this is the type of training program for you.

What do I Get?

As part of your online training, you will receive a series of helpful video tutorials, a training manual, exams, and hands-on practice. Be prepared to send in pictures and video clips of your work as you practice applying the extensions. It’s easy to do this with a webcam or any other type of video technology so the instructor can see your work clearly. This training video is innovative in that it’s completely interactive and allows you to complete the work at your own pace within several days. You will practice on the false eyelashes first before applying your skills on real people – for this, you can enlist the help of a family member of friend. Once you sign up for the online training, you can begin immediately after receiving your training materials. You are expect to join in the interactive online classes led by the instructors every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern standard time.

Interested? Give Eyelash Canada a call at 416-410-8152 or sign up online today!