Five Professional Tips How to Apply Eyelash Extensions

semi_eyelash_extensions01The same thing goes for cosmeticians as for doctors – regardless of your expertise, working on yourself is a path that leads to messy results!
Any self-aware cosmetician will find another professional to do their eyelashes, and as somebody who understands the procedure, you know the trade and you know your colleagues. You are sure to find the very best for yourself. There are tricks and techniques, but for a smoldering gaze, experts will agree on these five tips on how to apply eyelash extensions professionally:

  1. Never do it yourself. This cannot be repeated often enough. There is no amount of expertise that will have working with a mirror give the same results as working on somebody else. You may be the best, but if you have ever tried giving an elaborate hairdo on yourself, you will know the difference in quality (and the woes of a tired arm).
  2. The glue must stay cool. Keep it in the fridge when you are not using it, and when you do use it, keep it on a jade stone – this makes sure the temperature of the solution will stay the same the longest, as jade is slow to heat up! Remember that warm eyelash glue is dry eyelash glue. For this same reason, opt for a smaller bottle of eyelash glue rather than one large bottle, no matter the discount – unless you have a very steady stream of clients, in which case, you are amazing and should keep on being amazing!
  3. Curved tweezers and straight tweezers are not the same thing. Eyelashes are little in size, and little differences in tools can and will make a large difference in the final result. Curved tweezers are used for separating the natural lashes, and straight tweezers are used to pick up and apply the extensions – remember this rule!
  4. All eyelashes are unique. Different clients will have different desires, and different base lashes. Choosing the proper length and thickness is a process perfected by practice. False lashes that are too thick or too long will make the client look a little droopy-eyed, and eventually fall off faster. On the other hand, false lashes that are too thin or too short don’t serve the purpose of eyelash extensions. They may look incomplete, sparse, and simply… not there. So how do you apply eyelash extensions? Ideally, choose false lashes that are the same thickness as natural lashes, and 2-3 mm longer at most.
  5. Eyelash sealer is your best friend. Your clients want a long-lasting doe-eyed look, and it will do nobody good should the lashes fall off in a matter of days. As with all crafts, seal it with gel. In this case, not lacquer, but a professional longer life eyelash sealer.

These are just five simple tips that work for professionals and casual false lash fans alike. For a more useful tips and tricks, sign up here for our eyelash extension training at  and become a professional eyelash extension technician.