Laser Hair Removal Toronto

We all love our hair…as long as it’s in the right places! Most women and men have hair where they don’t want it. That’s where Laser Hair Removal comes in. It was first developed back in the 70s and since then, there have been many advancements. Today, it has proven itself to be one of the best methods for permanent hair removal, drastically reducing the amount of hair growth in the treatment area. Using pulses of laser light, the hair follicles are destroyed without any damage to the surrounding skin.

The number of treatments required will depend on your type of hair and skin. Darker skin tones will need more treatment sessions. The same goes for lighter hair colour – blond and gray hair is difficult to remove. Laser treatments work best on light skin with dark hair. Generally, it takes 5 or 6 treatments to achieve the best results. As always, here at Eyelash Canada, our goal is to offer the best products and services at the lowest prices possible.

Laser treatments can be repeated after 4 to 8 weeks. If you need to remove hair in between treatments it is better to shave than to wax. Waxing will disturb the hair follicles and that may make the laser treatments less effective since it is the follicles that the laser treats.

Please note, we do not recommend laser treatments for pregnant women.

Prices for Laser Hair Removal


Upper Lip – $59

Chin – $59

Upper Lip & Chin – $99

Cheeks or Sideburns – $99

Middle Eyebrow – $39

Full Face – $130

Outer Surface of Nose – $49

Neck Front – $79

Entire Neck – $99


Chest – $199

Full Back – $199

Areola (nipple area) – $69


Bikini Line – $99

Brazilian – $130

Buttocks – $149


Full Legs – $199

Half Legs – $149

Underarms – Armpits – $89

Full arms including hands and fingers – $199

Fingers or Toes – $59

waxing copyWaxing is a temporary method of Hair Removal that will give you 4 to 6 weeks of hair-free skin. Like laser hair removal, this service is also available for both men and women. Our head aesthetician, Yvette Spencer, is a meticulous waxing expert. She has perfected the art of waxing and does it with great care. She comes highly recommended and her many satisfied clients frequently refer her to their friends.

It’s important to tell your aesthetician exactly what you want to have done, and how you want it done. If you are concerned about the discomfort involved in waxing, a numbing cream can be used. Yvette is very easy to talk to and very respectful of all requests; don’t be shy.


Prices for Waxing Hair Removal

Eyebrows – $15

Upper Lip – $10

Chin – $10

Sideburns – $10

Full Face – $35

Under Arms – $15

Half Arms – $20

Full Arms – $40

Full Legs – $60

Half Legs – $40

Full Legs + Bikini – $75

Half Legs + Bikini – $50

Bikini – $20

Brazilian – $50

Back/Chest – $40

Toes – $10