Microblading permanent Makeup Toronto

Permanent Makeup TorontoEyelashCanada specializes in eyelash extensions, Microblading-eyebrows and Permanent makeup. Our master technician and National trainer Yvette Spencer is a Medical Aesthetician with almost 20 years experience in all aesthetic services. For modern women time is precious. There are children to care for, a household to run, husband, pets, work it all comes first. But that does not mean our appearance is not important . With permanent makeup you’ll save time and money! All cosmetic tattoo procedures are semi permanent and May last 2 to 10 years depending on the individual. Things that affect the longevity of the tattoo are Genetics and lifestyle. Excessive tanning, chemical peels, and use of creams with AFA will cause faster fading. Throw out your lip liners and eyeliners and step out of bed in the morning feeling beautiful. You’ll look fresh all day long without having to worry about touching up your makeup through the day. Add Eyelash Extensions, and you’re all set! You will look fabulous all day and all night, in the summer rain, in the swimming pool, after a long flight. Tattoo Eyebrows are a replacement of eyebrow pencils and powders. We do not remove your eyebrow hairs. You will need to keep these hairs to help the Microblading-eyebrows look natural. Do you love wearing eyeliner then Tattoo eyeliner is the best choice you will make this year. Would you like to define your Lips? Or even make them look fuller? We can give you the  sexy lips you have always wanted. If you need to Redo your Cosmetic Tattoo the cost will be 50% of the initial price listed below.


PMU Microblading form

All MICROBLADING-EYEBROWS procedures are individually customized for every client. This is a very specialized treatment that is unique to each person.

  1. Complete Medical history and consultation form
  2. Cleanse treatment area and apply local Anesthetic
  3. Custom color mixing to client’s approval
  4. Draw the design of the procedure to be done
  5. Test the treatment area to confirm numbness
  6. Begin implanting pigment into the skin
  7. Touch up should be done 4 to 12 weeks
  8. Give client after care ointment
  9. Do not rub or pick at the treatment area during healing
  10. Do no put tattooed area directly under the shower until it is completely healed

Prices for Semi Permanent Makeup*

All touchups between 6 to 12 weeks cost $75

To redo after 3 Months will cost 50% of the original cost

MICROBLADING and Eyebrow Tattoo done by Yvette (National Trainer)  $450 Time to finish 1.5 hrs.
Service Price Time to Finish
Eyebrow Tattoo (pencil or powder look) including Ombre brows $350 1.5 hrs.
Eyebrow Hair Strokes (Microblading, 3D Brow, Feathering) $450 1.5 hrs.
Eyeliner Upper Lid $350 1.5 hrs.
Eyeliner Lower Lid $250 1 hr.
Lip liner $350 2 hrs.
Lip Full Color $700 3 hrs.
Beauty Mark $50 30 min
Scalp Tattoo Hair Follicles $500++  4 hrs. +
Areola Tattoo $500++  4 hrs. +
Scar Camouflage $200++ 1 hr. ++
Stretch marks camouflage $200++ 1 hr. ++
Tattoo Removal $100++ 1 hr. ++
The times allotted for these services include consultation, design, pain management (numbing) ETC. AFTER EYELINER TATTOO YOU MUST NOT DRIVE. Please have someone drive you home.

*taxes are not included

To redo after 3 Months will cost 50% of the original cost
What to expect from the process of permanent makeup tattooing?

The process of applying permanent makeup Toronto consists of tattooing the desired colours in to your skin. All equipments are sterilized – the needles are all disposable. We have very good numbing products that significantly reduce or eliminate pain during the process. Permanent makeup looks so natural when you choose the right shades and shapes for your face. Our specialist will help you choose the best shades and shapes for your permanent makeup, and the ideal length of eyelash extensions. Please note that if you are getting an eyebrow tattoo, you can go back to work the same day. However, if you are having eyeliner or your lips done, you may want to book a few days off, as swelling may last from 2 to 4 days. The professionals at EyelashCanada have been doing this since 2001. With years of experience and sincere care for all of our clients, you can rest assured that you will love your permanent makeup Toronto. And our services are competitively priced to make it an affordable option for everyone. The  prices listed include one visit. It is very important that you do not pick or rub off any scabs that may form on the Tattoo during the healing process. This will cause areas where the colour is missing and you will need to pay 50% of the original cost to have it redone.

Before Tattooing

Bring dark sun glasses.

If you have ever had a cold sore before. Tattooing your lips may aggravate the area and cause a new breakout. We strongly suggest that you get medication from your doctor and take it one day before this procedure as prescribed by your doctor. Bring the colour pencil or Lipstick that you want to have tattooed. We will try to match this to the  pigment that will be used.

After Tattooing

Do not drive home after eyeliner Tattoo. Your Eyes will be swollen, your vision blurry, soreness and heavy feeling.

Do not use Neosporin, Polysporin, Peroxide, Glycolicacid, Retin A, any old make up on the Tattooed area

Do not scratch, pick, scrub or touch with dirty fingers

Do not Tan, Swim, Facial, Sauna or Hot Yoga

Do not use wash cloths or Towels to dry Tattooed area while scabs are still present

Do not keep staring in the mirror at your new Tattoo and Do Not panic

Do not wear contact lenses for a few days after eyeliner tattoo

Tattoo will look darker and thicker immediately and for the next few days

You may return to work immediately after Eyebrow tattoo

You will need 2 days up to 2 weeks off work after eyeliner and lip tattoo

You MUST not drive home after eyeliner Tattoo

When you tattoo both upper and lower eyeliner at the same time your eyes will be extremely swollen the next morning that they may be difficult to open. You can hold a warm wet cloth against your eyes until they can easily open. You will need to stay indoors and rest for the next 2 days. After Lip Tattoo you will be very swollen and may feel a painful throbbing feeling for a few days. This is just the normal healing process.

All used makeup have bacteria and my cause infection to Tattooed areas DO NOT use

Healing Process


Day 1. Pain, Burning heavy feeling, Blurry Eyes, Swelling and bruising.

Day 2. Symptoms from day 1 may get worst and Feeling sore, apply A & D ointment.

Day 3. Symptoms from day 2 are getting better.

Day 4. Tattoo starts to get dry and itchy. DO NOT RUB OR PICK

Day 5. Skin feeling tight, dry and itchy as scabs may form.

Day 6 to 13. Scabs start to fall off, some eyebrows and lashes may shed with scabs and regrow in a few weeks.

Day 14.  Dark color looks softer and will continue changing for the next 30 days getting lighter each day.

Touch ups should not be done until after 6 weeks to allow the skin time to heal

What to expect over the next few Months and Years 3D brows, Feathering, Hair strokes, Soft Tap, Micro-Blading these all mean the same thing. Tiny hairlike lines are Tattooed into the skin to look like hair. This can be accomplished by using a manual Tattoo pen or a motorized, electrical or digital Tattoo machines. Some technicians may refer to the machines by different names, however the end results should be the same. The fact that we must use thinner needles to achieve this hairlike results causes the Tattoo to last a much shorter time than the Pencilled look.

The Pencil, Powder or shaded in Tattoo Eyebrow look last longer that the  Hairlike look. We are able to use much thicker needles which are able to be inserted a few mm deeper into the skin. This allows the Tattoo pigment to be implanted deeper and stay longer. Sun Tanning, Chemical Peels and some facial treatments like lasers can rapidly fade these Tattoos.