Scalp Tattoo can be done pain free with the best Medical Anesthetic on the  market. Our National Educator and Scalp technician will implant tiny individual dots into the Dermis of the scalp to imitate actual Hair follicles. Book your consultation today for an in-depth look into your solution. Look at our table to figure out which stage of hair loss you have. Our qualified technician will guide you through the entire process. We use the best Anesthetic to stop pain during the entire procedure. The colour will be customized specifically for you. You will be very happy with your new hair follicle simulated scalp. This should look like you just shaved your head. Contact our office today to book a consultation. smp-scalp-micropigmentation-scalp-tattoo is very popular.

It’s important to tell your aesthetician exactly what you want to have done, and how you want it done. If you are concerned about the discomfort involved in Tattooing, an amazing numbing agent will be used. We will help you chose the perfect pigment colour to match your natural hair. Some clients may require a touch up in a few years while others never need a touch up. smp-scalp-micropigmentation-scalp-tattoo has been very popular in Europe and America for many years. The very specialized treatment have been available in Canada for about 3 years. It is very important that you go to a reputable technician to have this done. The end result will be a very natural looking scalp that looks like a shaved head. No one will know that it is a Tattoo.




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