Single Strand Bottom Eyelash Extensions

The first set of bottom-lower eyelash extensions that Yvette did was a strip lash. Yes the same client who insisted that she wanted Eyebrow extensions also asked for lower eyelash extensions. Yvette applied a short thin set of strip lashes and the client returned the very next day very disappointed at how fake they looked. She wanted single strand extensions applied to the bottom lashes.

This was when Yvette started this self-taught technique of lower eyelash extensions application. Today she has perfected it and Eyelash Canada can proudly say that we are the first and still the only Eyelash extensions company in Canada to offer this very popular and natural looking service. Why should our clients get extensions on the upper lashes and then go home and apply mascara on the lower lashes? Our special technique of lower eyelash extensions will complete the Eye. They look amazingly natural and no one will know that they are extensions. Try them on today and stop using mascara on your lower eyelashes. What is the Myth about lower eyelash extensions? Can you believe it there is a Myth. Well some other eyelash extensions companies in Canada have been telling people that bottom-lower eyelash extensions are illegal, unhygienic and not allowed in Canada. This is absolutely false information and they are only saying this because they don’t know how to do it. They are welcome to take our class and learn, but now they will have to go back on their word and that would make them look dishonest. If you ever hear anyone saying this false information please ask them to show you written proof from any Government office in Canada to back up their story. They will never be able to show you proof for something that is not true. So come on in and get your bottom-lower eyelash extensions with us today.

Eyelash Canada is the 1st and only company in Canada to offer BOTTOM Lash Extensions. These will balance the look and make the overall appearance more natural!

Samples of our works

Bottom single eyelash extension prices
Master Tech Time to finish Lash Expert Yvette Time to finish Final look
$50 = 50 lashes   25  LPE 45 minutes $60 = 50 lashes   25  LPE 30 minutes Light Natural look
$60 = 60 lashes   30  LPE 45 minutes $75 = 60 lashes   30  LPE 30 minutes Natural mascara look
$70 = 70 lashes   35  LPE 1 hr $85 = 70 lashes   35  LPE 45 minutes Full mascara look
$80 = 80 lashes   40  LPE 1 hr $100 = 80 lashes   40  LPE 45 minutes Full mascara look
$90 = 90 lashes   45  LPE 1hr 45 minutes $110 = 90 lashes   45  LPE 1hr 30 minutes Dramatic mascara look
$100 = 100 lashes  50 LPE 1hr 45 minutes $125 = 100 lashes  50 LPE 1hr 30 minutes Movie star look
$110 = 110 lashes  55 LPE 2 hrs $135 = 110 lashes  55 LPE 1hr 45 minutes Kim Kardashian look
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