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Few Words about the eyelash extensions glue

Best Eyelash Extensions GlueEyelash Canada eyelash extensions glue is a professional grade adhesive that is manufactured according to all Canada Health requirements. Eyelash Canada Adhesive adhesive is guaranteed to always be new and fresh.  The main ingredient Cyanoacrylate which is also used in Medical Adhesives.

At Eyelash Canada we offer two types of glue: HP Advanced and Regular for Sensitive Eyes.  The HP Advanced Black Adhesive is fast drying and has odor. You only need 1 drop of adhesive to complete a full application on each eye. Drying time for HP Advanced Black Adhesive glue is 3-6 seconds. The Sensitive Eyes Adhesive is slower drying and has no odor. You only need 1 drop of adhesive to complete a full application on each eye. Drying time for Sensitive Eyes Adhesive is 15 seconds. Both eyelash extension glues are non-toxic and DO NOT contain formaldehyde.

Lash Products by Eyelash Canada

thinbaseeyelashThis new invention from Yvette Spencer and Ruby Watson is taking the whole world of eyelash extensions to a new level.

Never seen before? You must try it now. Have you ever had eyelash extensions with the thicker flat base that pokes at your eyelids? Do you ever ask why someone can’t develop eyelashes that feel no more comfortable? Well worry no more Yvette Spencer and Ruby Watson are Canada’s first eyelash extensions experts. They have spent many years researching and developing new products for their loyal clients. If you are one of the few who have never experienced the A1 quality of their services then wait no longer.

BCurllashgraphicMat coat lashes discovery

Since 2008 Yvette and Ruby had an idea about the commonly used ‘polished J-curl single strand eyelashes. Why polished Yvette and Ruby asked? That obvious shiny coating applied to the extensions makes them look fake even when they are perfectly applied. So Yvette and Ruby directed their manufacturers to make a new sample of the lashes without the finishing shiny polish. It was a great discovery as we already know if you have two items with a glossy finish and try to attach them with an eyelash extensions glue they will not have a very strong bond. So after several testing the results with mat lashes were just amazing. The eyelashes without the shiny coating would stay on more than 2 Months without any refills. CCurllashgraphicThis discovery led to Yvette and Ruby only using the mat finished eyelash extensions for their clients since June 2008.

Different curl

Yvette and Ruby also replaced the Polished J-Curl single lashes that used to be in the eyelash kits sold to their students. Not only did they stop using the polished J-curl eyelashes but hey discovered that there was a much better eyelash curl too. In the beginning we had only one choice. Polished J-Curl lashes after many complaints that the J-Curl lashes were too straight the manufacturers started making C-Curl lashes this was welcomed by those people with short straight eyelashes.

jcurllashgraphicThe problem with the C-Curl lashes is that they were too curly for those who preferred less drama on their Eyes. This was when Yvette and Ruby directed their manufacturers to make a new eyelash. This was the creation of the B-Curl eyelash extensions.

For the past 4 years many other eyelash Companies have also added the B-Curl lashes to their stock. B-Curl is in between the J-Curl and the C-Curl giving Clients a more natural curl. It’s not too straight and not too curly. It is just perfect especially now that Yvette and Ruby are the only people in the world selling the B-Curl eyelashes in a mat finish. This is why our clients keep their eyelash extensions on longer than any other companies in the world.

Thin base lashes

Yvette and Ruby did not stop there. With plenty of feedback from the thousands of clients they service each year. They have now developed the new revolutionary ‘THIN BASE EYELASH EXTENSIONS’ This is not yet on the mass market you can only get this from Eyelash Canada Inc. Contact us if you want to buy this new lashes. You must be already trained and Certified by a recognized Eyelash Company in Canada.