Eyelash Repair

eyelashfix1Fixing other people’s mistakes… Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience in repair work. Unfortunately, in this industry, many people claim to be eyelash extension technicians, when they simply do not have enough experience. Some of these people have learned the basics by studying online programs, and having a meaningless certificate mailed to them. That’s just not enough. Consider that they are using permanent glue near your eyes!

When Technicians are properly trained, they will have had plenty of hands-on experience before taking on clients. That is why our standards are so high, here at Eyelash Canada. Our students study a training manual and video before even coming to our classes in person. They are taught everything they need to know to do the job safely and beautifully, and that includes applying lashes to real models.

It is within your rights to ask if a Technician is trained and certified – ask to see their certificate. You can always contact the training company directly to verify it. Have a look at the products and tools they are using – does everything look clean? Choose to have your work done by an Eyelash Canada Technician – you’ll be in good hands!

Sometimes the repair work we do is a result of strange circumstances. As you can see in the following example, anything can happen in life! One woman accidentally cut off her eyelashes with an eyelash curler. With very little to work with, Yvette, our Master Technician, gave her 92 Single Eyelash Extensions, repairing the damage and giving her a whole new look at the same time. What a difference!

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