Semi-Flare Cluster Eyelash Extensions

Semi-Flare Cluster Eyelash Extensions are very different from the Single Eyelash Extensions. They are applied in small flare clusters and can look fuller and more dramatic than single lashes. As a result, they don’t look as real as Single Lashes, but more real than One Strip Lashes. Your choice depends on what you are looking for. One reason some people will opt for these, is that with our special application technique, Semi-Flare Lashes can stay on longer than the Single Lash Extensions. We use medical grade adhesive to apply all of our lashes directly to your own natural lashes, not on the skin. Semi-Flare Cluster Extensions take about 40 to 75 minutes to apply depending on the Technician and how many extensions you choose to have.

Semi Eyelash extensions DO NOT look natural they look very fake and feel heavier than single strand extensions. We DO NOT recommend these for people with very thin weak natural eyelashes. Even though our technique can keep these semi lashes on for up to 2 Months we strongly recommend that you only wear them for 4 weeks and then have them professionally removed. These extensions are applied to more than one of your natural lashes and if one piece falls out the empty space will be noticeable. These lashes are available in Black and Brown colors and a variety of lengths.

Samples of our works

Semi-Flare Eyelash Prices
Master Tech Time to finish Lash Expert Yvette Time to finish Final look
$50 = 50 lashes   25  LPE 1hr $70  =  50 lashes    25  LPE 45 minutes Very thick fake look

A $25 dollars deposit is required to book an appointment. 

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