Regular Strip Lashes or Fun, Fashion Lashes

Strip lashes are the fastest to apply and also the fastest to come off. They look most fake and are meant to be temporary. Make Up Artist usually apply these strips for one day wear. However with our Medical adhesive and special technique we can apply them to last much longer. You can choose a strip ash from our stock or you can bring your own. Please note that bringing your own strip lash will not change the price that we charge. We strongly recommend that you have all eyelash extensions professionally removed.

STRIP Lashes are one-piece lash strips that are very different from the ones you find at pharmacies or beauty supply stores. Those are limited to daily use. However, we have an innovative technique that will allow you to keep them on for 2 to 4 weeks. If you have ever worn one piece temporary strip lashes, you may have a hard time believing that they can stay on for so long, but we do it all the time for our customers.

Of course we have standard brown or black one-piece Strip Lashes, but you also have the option to choose from a variety of fun, fashion styles. See images below. If you have your own Strip Lashes you would like to bring in, no problem…we can do that for you too.
Your technician will help you determine what type of eyelash extensions are best for you.

Samples of our works

Strip Lash Prices
Master Tech Time to finish Lash Expert Yvette Time to finish Final look
$30 = 1 strip lash 45 minutes $40  =  1 strip lash 30 minutes Very thick fake look Last 1 – 3  weeks
A $25 dollars deposit is required to book an appointment. If you do not have a PayPal account please check our other payment options.