Eyelash Extensions Removal Toronto

At Eyelash Canada we use medical grade adhesive specially developed for eyelashes. It is the strongest glue on the marked and can only be use by certified eyelash extension technician.

This type of glue is extremely difficult to remove without the proper tools and chemical solution. This glue CANNOT be removed by oil, make up remover, steam or any other method you can find on the Internet. The only wise and effective way to get rid of your lashes is to go back to the salon technician who applied the extensions.     

Please DO NOT try to remove your eyelash extensions at home without help of professional technician! 
What NOT to do:

1. Do not use oil to remove your lashes. It will not help, it just make your lashes dirty

2. Do not try to pull fake lashes, YOU WILL PULL OUT YOUR OWN LASHES

3. Do not use acetone to remove fake lashes, it will NOT dissolve the glue, but may burn your eyes

4. Even if you are an eyelash extension technician and have special glue remover DO NOT try to remove extensions yourself, as you may accidentally drop remover into your eye.

Eyelash Removal Prices

Regular price for eyelash removal is $25.

If you are getting new set of lashes we will remove old lashes for FREE!