Premium Mink Eyelashes Toronto

Mink Eyelash Extensions AuroraWant to look stunning for your next big event or just a night on the town with the ladies? Don’t be fooled by those mascara ads on TV. To get truly long, luscious lashes you have to big and bold. That means eyelash extensions! Here at Eyelash Canada, we specialize in the expert application of mink eyelashes for a variety of clients who all want to achieve that fuller look. You’ve probably heard of mink coats before, but you may not be familiar with mink lashes.

Mink eyelashes Toronto are actually made of the famed fur of the mink animal, providing a natural, longer and fuller lash that lasts between two and three months. That explains the higher cost associated with these types of lashes. You’re paying a little bit more for a high-quality material that lasts much longer than synthetic versions. These soft, curly and versatile mink lashes allow for the max volume of all extension types, plus they’r
e truly customizable according to each person’s natural lashes. They’re different from synthetic lashes in that they have a lighter weight, allowing for multiple extensions to be added to each lash. The process takes longer than other eyelash extension processes but the result is unmatched in terms of beauty, style, life span and efficiency. They are available in both single and semi lash types.

Mink lashes Toronto will naturally shed when you shed your natural lashes, which is about every few months. We can even provide you with touch-ups during that time if need be. Why go in frequently for eyelash extensions when you can opt for mink lashes and enjoy their long life span? You’ll not only look gorgeous, but you’ll save time and hassle without having to get them done so often. Trust the experts at Eyelash Canada to provide you with the highest quality mink eyelash extensions so that you feel beautiful, strong and confident each and every day.

We welcome you to come in for a free consultation at Eyelash Canada to learn all about the process and book a convenient appointment. Give us a call today!