Premium Silk Eyelash Extensions Toronto

Single Silk Eyelash TorontoIf you are looking for a bolder, more sophisticated style as part of your makeup routine, why not try premium silk lashes? Here at Eyelash Canada, our technicians are trained in the latest advancements of silk lash application, all applied with a waterproof and odorlessmedical-grade adhesive. Silk eyelashes Toronto are made of silk, which essentially means they are much softer than synthetics and are hypoallergenic. Available in both single and semi lash types, they stay on just as long as your regular lashes. Silk is the top choice when you want thicker, more lustrous eyelashes than ever before.

If you are looking for eyelash extensions that you don’t have to worry about, we can help. Silk eyelashes Toronto make it easy for you to shower, swim, work, shop, go out on the town and take care of the family all while knowing your lashes look great with no fuss. Your silk lashes will last through the full growth cycle of your regular lashes. Because they’re made of pure silk, you get a more natural look than you would with synthetics. Our technicians have been applying lashes for many years, so they know the process takes care and precision. They’re certified in all the latest techniques to provide you with a pleasant overall experience – one that leaves you looking and feeling beautiful.

You have a choice of two options: single and semi lash. The single – our most popular option – is for those who want a natural-looking boost to their eyelashes, with up to 150 pieces per eye. We have a rainbow of colors to choose from, as well as thicknesses. If you go with semi lashes, you’ll achieve a more smoky, dramatic look, although they don’t last as long as the other types. When you opt for premium silk lashes from Eyelash Canada, you receive personalized attention from our technicians who put safety and sanitation first each and every time.

We are conveniently located to serve Toronto residents and beyond, and our time slots are convenient to match with your schedule. Contact us today to set up a free consult and learn all about the eyelash extension process. Our prices are affordable and we love what we do. We cannot wait to hear from you!