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Whether you want Eyelash Extensions for a special occasion or for every day, you’ll love the way they extend and thicken your natural eyelashes. They are a wonderful way to enhance your appearance. Many clients come to us for extensions for a special day and then keep on coming because they love it so much.


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Apply Now! We are HIRING Microblading Technician and Eyelash Extensions Expert
  Eyelash Canada is hiring Microblading technician and Eyelash extensions expert for these locations Brampton, London, Barrie, and Ottawa. Join Us[...]
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Magnifying Eyeglass Microblading
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About EyelashCanada

Other companies offer upper Eyelash Extensions, but Eyelash Canada is the only company offering the most revolutionary advancement – Bottom Eyelash Extensions – developed by Yvette Spencer, Canada’s first and most experienced Eyelash Technician.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I first met Yvette 3 years ago when she was working at the salon in the mall. Her business card said Eyelash Extensions and I thought she must be nuts. I could never do that I thought. Until I had a funeral to go to and I started worrying about crying and my mascara running down my face. So I tried them for the first time. To this day I still keep telling Yvette that she should have told me how addictive this is. I love my Lashes and I will not go back to mascara. Sometimes my friends ask me if I will take a break and I say, “what for?!” Every time Yvette takes off an old set I look in the mirror and my lashes are all still there so I have nothing to worry about. I just love the Extensions so much and you will too.

Kelly Budd, Oakville since May, 2004
John Doe UI/UX Designer

My wife was trained by Eyelash Canada in November, 2006. She is an artist who does oil paintings, but was never in the beauty industry. She was turned down by 2 American Eyelash Extensions companies when she inquired about training. We are very glad that Yvette saw the artistic talent in my wife and trained her to do these Eyelash Extensions. Now she is doing very well. I am happy because she is happy. She works from home and sometimes goes to her client’s homes with her portable bed. It’s good to see how the women appreciate my wife for her new talent. I just want to thank you for taking the time to train Lily.

Harry Thimes, Toronto Canada