"... now I am a fully addicted to wearing these eyelashes..."

I didn’t even know that this Eyelash thing existed until a co-worker started showing off at the office. We have been working together for years and I have never see her eyes look so good before. I don’t care what mascara she was using – it was just not the same. It turns out she was hiding the Eyelash Extensions for months. One day I heard her on the phone booking an appointment to get the old lashes taken off and put on a new set. BUSTED!!! I made her give me the number. She showed me the website and I was shocked. Now I am fully addicted to wearing these Eyelashes. I will not leave home without them. I already have my appointment booked for Christmas. I do feel a little sorry for Yvette and her staff because they will have to work around the clock at Christmas time.

Keisha Allen, Brampton since March, 2005