Eyelash Training

The Benefits of Training with Eyelash Canada

Eyelash Canada is tops in training Eyelash Extension Technicians, providing classes right across the country. If you are an artistic person with a keen eye for style and design, and if you have steady hands and good eyesight, we can train you to become one of Canada’s best Eyelash Extension Technicians.

Little things make a big difference in the application, care and length of time that Eyelash Extensions will stay on your clients. Enroll in our classes and you will be given the training that will make you one of the best in the field.

Access to the Best Products on the Market

In addition receiving outstanding training, you will be entitled to buy all of your supplies from us. We carry the best products available today and only give our trained technicians access to them. Those products include the best quality eyelashes in the world, and an amazing variety of eyelash extension styles.