3D Volume Eyelash Extensions Class $495

1 copy The PREREQUISITE to taking this 3D Volume Eyelash Extensions Class is to already be an experienced Eyelash technician. This is a very intensive hands on class and all trainees must already be fully capable of applying a full set of single extensions using the Advance HP (high performance) Adhesive. Beginner Lash technicians will have a very difficult time trying to learn this technique. We strongly suggest this 3D Volume Eyelash Extensions Class to certified technicians only. There are many people calling themselves Eyelash trainer these days. However Eyelash Canada only recognize a few as having similar training standards and quality products as ours. We will accept Certificates from the following Eyelash Companies only. Lavish Lash, Nova Lash, Envogue Lash, Xtreme Lash, Misencil,

Please note that we do not accept Certificates from one day eyelash seminars. We will add more Eyelash Training Schools to this list as soon as we can verify their training methods. In this class you will be using the fastest HP adhesive on the market. You will learn to apply 2D, 3D, 4D and of super fine Mink and Silk lashes to your client natural lashes.

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All students need to bring a model to work on.

Model application start at 1:00 pm

You need to bring a model who will love to have the fullest set of lashes to this 3D Volume Eyelash Extensions Class as these will be the fullest set she will ever have. She will leave with fully layered luscious lashes Kim Kardashian style. No mascara could ever look this dramatic. The best part about these new type of extensions is that even though they look fuller they still feel a lot softer because each strand is so very thin!

Sign up today for our 3D Volume eyelash extensions class to improve your skills and offer your clients new service! Simply call 416-410-8152 to register!

Lavish Lash, Nova Lash, Envogue Lash, Xtreme Lash, Misencil,

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