Bottom/lower Lash and eyebrow extensions  $395

Get Bottom Lahes The PREREQUISITE to taking this Bottom lash and Eyebrows extenions advance training course is to already be an experienced Eyelash technician. Beginner Lash technicians will have a very difficult time trying to learn this technique. We strongly suggest this class to certified technicians only. There are many people calling themselves Eyelash trainer these days. However Eyelash Canada only recognize a few as having similar training standards and quality products as ours. We will accept Certificates from the following Eyelash Companies only.Lavish Lash, Nova Lash, Envogue Lash, Xtreme Lash, Misencil, Please note that we do not accept Certificates from one day eyelash seminars. We will add more Eyelash Training Schools to this list as soon as we can verify their training methods.

You will learn to apply bottom lower lash extensions. This is a very unique type of eyelash extensions that was developed by Yvette Spencer back in 2007. Being such a perfectionist Yvette continued to practice until 2010 when she felt that she had perfected the art of applying Bottom lash extensions. So in 2010 Yvette added Bottom lash extensions to her intensive training program. While all other eyelash companies bashed this new technique client popularity kept growing.Now many eyelash extensions technicians across Canada and USA trained and Certified by Yvette Spencer can now offer Bottom lash extensions to their clients.

Eyebrow Extensions is the very next amazing invention by Yvette Spencer since 2007. You will be absolutely amazed when you see how natural and beautiful these Eyebrow extensions look. Eyebrow extension technique is similar to eyelash extensions process as an existing eyebrow hair is extended with synthetic, mink or silk strand to make your brows look fuller. Eyebrow extensions is perfect way to camouflage scars within the eyebrow, give fuller and darker look to light or over plucked eyebrows. With eyebrow extension we can create new shape, darker color, and natural fullness. The client must have eyebrow hairs to attach extensions to as we never attach it directly to the skin.

In this class you will be taught how to design the  eyebrows using only extensions. We DO NOT attach extensions to the  skin, because sweat and the naturals oils produced by the    skin will make them fall in a day or two. This is a skill that requires proper instructions. please don’t be fooled by some Youtube videos that show technician sticking extensions to to skin. Your clients will return the very next day for a refund when they all fall off. You will be able to give your clients a fuller set of Eyebrows. You will also learn how to give your clients bottom eyelash extensions that will look full and natural without using mascara.

Class Schedule

All students need to bring a model to work on.

Model application start at 11:00 am

Practice on mannequin 9:30 am
Bottom lash application 11:00 am
Lunch 12:00 pm
Eyebrows extension application 1:00 pm

Your model should come in with natural eyebrows. Please DO NOT wax or tweeze prior to the  class, reshaping the eyebrow is a part of this class.

Students need to purchase a kit before the  class. Eyelash kit