Eyelash Extension Training  $1095 including Mink kit

pro-eyelashkitThere are no PREREQUISITE to eyelash extension training. Eyelash Canada is number one in Eyelash Extension training. providing the  best techniques  that will teach you how to get the lashes to stay on your clients. There are many people calling themselves Eyelash trainer these days. However Eyelash Canada only recognize a few as having similar training standards and quality products as ours. We will accept Certificates from the following Eyelash Extension Training Companies only. Lavish Lash, Nova Lash, Envogue Lash, Xtreme Lash, Misencil, Please note that we do not accept Certificates from one day eyelash seminars. We will add more Eyelash Training Schools to this list as soon as we can verify their training methods.

All students need to bring a model to work on.
To open an account with us you will need to provide proof of certification. Your first purchase will be minimum $200.

PREREQUISITE to learning eyelash extensions. There are none since there is nothing that anyone has ever done before that can possibly prepare them to be good at this very unique invention. We will teach you everything you need to learn and it doesn’t matter what your previous career was. Just come to us with a humble attitude, good eyesight, steady hands, and an open mind.


We are the only eyelash company to offer 2 full days of training with hands-on practice using live models. The more training you have, the better equipped you will be to handle any client requests that are presented to you. It’s a small investment to ensure you will be able to provide your clients with the best service possible. You will learn about the application and removal of eyelashes, lash care, and health and safety.
Eyelash kits to start your business are sold separately and must be purchased by all students before training.

Private one-on-one training is available at our Toronto location only for an additional $250.
Some students are certified immediately after finishing the course!
Certificates are issued after successful completion of the training. Meaning that all Certified Technicians must meet the criteria of applying a minimum of 50 single lashes on each eye of your models within 2hrs. You are also expected to apply the lower lash extensions a minimum of 20 lashes per eye. If you have not accomplished this by the end of the training session, you can continue practising at home until you have accomplished this. There are 2 ways you can show us your work to obtain your certificate – you can email us good quality Video which will be evaluated by your trainer, or you can come in person with a model and do their lashes for the trainer to see. With advance technology you can easily make a good quality video with a Cell phone.

Advanced Certificates requires approval of your Bottom Lash application

 If you could use some help to finance your training, you might consider Medicard’s financing programs. They pay for the training and you can repay them in affordable monthly payments.

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Advanced Certificate Training Program

This 2 days program is the most comprehensive Eyelash Extension Training course available in Canada. Once you have successfully completed this program, you will receive an Advanced Certificate of Training which will indicate that you are one of the best trained Eyelash Technicians in the country. You will have learned how to apply all types of Eyelash Extensions: Single, Semi/Flare, Strip Lashes and Bottom Lashes. Bottom Lash training is exclusive to and was developed by Eyelash Canada!

The program will also teach you about Marketing and Starting Up Your Own Business. During this Eyelash Extension Training You will learn how to apply accents such as crystals to lashes, layer Lash Extensions and we teach you our Secret Tips for Success. Your clients will appreciate your versatility.

It is the responsibility of all students to read the training manual and watch the training video several times before classes begin. There will be a written test that must be completed before Eyelash Extension Training. You will find the answers in the training manual, in the training video and throughout the website.

All students are required to get their own models


Day 1 Day 2
9:00 am Registration, work area set up. Practice semi lash (mannequin) Marketing your eyelash business. curl lashes
10:00 am

Apply Semi-Flare (REAL PERSON) These lashes are in a cluster of 8 strands. They are fuller than singles and look like false lashes and last about 2 weeks when applied by a student.

About 1.30 hours

Apply Single lashes (REAL PERSON) Each strand is attached one by one to a natural lash.These lashes look and feel very natural and last about 2 weeks when applied by a student.

About 2.30 hours

11:00 am Practice single lash and Bottom lash (mannequin) Lash removal, Practice Strip lash (mannequin)
12:00 pm Lunch Lunch
1:00 pm

Apply Single lashes and Bottom lashes (REAL PERSON) Each strand is attached one by one to a natural lash.These lashes look and feel very natural and last about 2 weeks when applied by a student.

About 3.30 hours

Apply Single lashes and Bottom lashes (REAL PERSON) Each strand is attached one by one to a natural lash.These lashes look and feel very natural and last about 2 weeks when applied by a student.

About 3.30 hours

BONUS: All current and former students are entitled to a 50% discount when they have their Lash Extensions done by one of our Trainers.

Referral Discounts

If you refer 1 person to take training on the same day with you, we will give you 5% off the training price. Get a 10% discount for referring 2 people, and a 20% discount for referring 3 people!  To receive your discount, please send us an email and let us know how many people you are referring. Then submit the 50% pre-payment. Make sure your friends mention your name when signing up. Once all your referrals have signed up, we will send you the invoice for the remaining amount.

Early Booking Discounts

Save 10%  off Eyelash Extension Training when you sign up 30+ days in advance
Save 5%  off Eyelash Extension Training when you sign up 21+ days in advance

Financial Option

2 days training
Deposit (non-refundable) $300
Second payment $300
Last payment must be made 2 weeks prior to class. $495

Training Schedule For Canada

*Students MUST register and pay before the class start. Refund policy stated at the bottom of this page.

*ALL STUDENTS must provide their own models. It is best to practice on your friends and family while training.

*Training dates may be subject to change. If your city is not listed call us 416-410-8152 or email us and we will schedule a class for you. To make sure that training in your city or town happens, please consider our referral program!