Hair Extension Training  $500: Kit $700

fusion_hair_extensions_02Yvette Spencer, our head trainer at Eyelash Canada, has 20 years experience in applying, refilling and removing hair extensions. Using our techniques, your set of new hair extensions can stay on client’s hair as long as 4 to 6 months. We use only the best quality of natural remy hair. We teach different types of Hair Extensions including: Fusion Hair Extensions, Cold Fusion Hair Extensions, Micro Rings Hair Extensions, Weave (sew in extensions), Tape hair extensions and Clip in extensions.

Learn how to do different types of Hair Extensions

If you are trained with us you will be able to purchase all of the Hair Extensions that you need at a fraction of regular market prices. Then you too, will be able to charge your clients as little as $4 per strand of hair. You will be giving your clients outstanding Hair Extensions, and at half the going rate. Your clients will love you for it!

Hair Extension Program Options

Most popular type of hair extensions among clients is fusion therefore we recommend you to start  with Fusion Hair Extensions program. Over the course of this day-long training program, we will teach you how to do this amazing strand by strand application of hair extensions.

You will also learn the most important part of hair extensions: the removal. Proper removal is extremely important and your clients will be so happy with your removal technique that they will recommend you to their friends and family.

This class is 1 day and students must bring their own hair models. Please also purchase the kit for your training package

Hair Extension Training Schedule For Toronto

Your seat is not secure until you pay the training fee!For more information you can call us at 416-4190-8152 or sign up online.

You must bring your own models to practice on.

Don’t forget to also purchase your hair kit from the schedule page.

Hair Extension Kit and Class Agenda

Hair Kit and Agenda
Cost of the training $500   10:00 am Theory of Hair growth and hair extensions
Cost of the kit $700
Fusion Machine & Remover 1 10:30 am Practice Fusion on mannequin
Combs 2 11:00 am Practice micro rings on mannequin
Flat iron 1 11:30 am Practice weave on mannequin
Hair clips 8 11:45 am Practice removal mannequin
    12:00 LUNCH
Heat pad 1 1:00 PMto5:00 pm Apply Fusion on model (real person)Model should have clean dry hair without any products in it.
Bottle fusion remover 1
Fusion hair brush 1
Color ring 1
Pieces micro rings extensions
(for mannequin head)
Pieces fusion hair extensions
any color, any length