Laser Hair Removal Training

LASER hair removal technology has been around since the mid 90’s. There are a variety of lasers available, such as Epilaser, Epilight, Nd-Yag and Softlight. The hair removal industry has now the ability to offer clients a choice of both treatments: epilation and hair removal. LASER’s are a new method of the rapid, gentle removal of unwanted hair. The LASER method was discovered by chance when it was noted that birthmarks, when treated with certain types of LASER’s, permanently removed hair. LASER is not for everyone: the requirement is that ones hair must be darker than the surrounding skin. Coarse and dark hair responds best to LASER treatments.
For some clients this method produces permanent results, and for others it can slow down regrowth. A LASER produces coloured light. Wavelengths are selected to treat a range of skin conditions. For instance, some LASER’s produce a yellow light, which will very selectively absorb into the colour red. LASER light passes harmlessly through the skin, targeting the hemo-globin of the red blood cells. The LASER energy then heats and destroys the cell, leaving the normal skin cell completely in tack.


Pulsed light is different than LASER. A solid beam of light (pulsed light) produces a quick “flash” of light. These short, powerful pulses shatter their target (follicle) without allowing heat to build up and burn the surrounding skin.


Painful, short term results and can only remove hair after it becomes visible.


Short term, result requires messy, irritating lotions Constant commitment to redoing every other day.


Painful, impractical for large areas but great for smaller areas such as eyebrows, lip and chin, under arms, and bikini.

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