Laser Tattoo removal Class Toronto  $1995

fast eyelash extension applicationLaser Tattoo removal Class Toronto available at Eyelash Canada this is an intense hands on course in tattoo removal. Using Laser and non-laser techniques you can achieve amazing results. Over the last 20 years Tattoo and permanent makeup has become very popular. However as some people change their minds later on they may need to have it removed. You will learn how to safely remove all types of tattoos, microblading, and permanent makeup. We have several different types of Tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal and non-laser methods. Some methods are good for immediate removal during the tattoo and microblading procedure, if you make a mistake. Other methods can work on older tattoos.

There are no perquisites to sign up for this training. We teach everyone from scratch. Our in-depth and detailed study of the Skin and all types of skin tones will prepare you to perform these procedures. All students are required to bring in models to work on. The Tattoo removal client must understand that there are no one time removal treatments. All types of tattoo removals require several treatments and most are between 3 to 6 times. There is a waiting period between each treatment of about 4 to 6 weeks. This is depending on the colour of the tattoo and the skin type. This procedure cannot be rushed and must be done with expert care. We cannot and will not over treat any tattoo just because the client insist on having it removed faster. As professionals we must take into serious consideration protecting the skin.

In this 2 Days training we teach 5 different methods of tattoo removal.
Classes are very small so the instructor can give individual attention to each student. We have classes each Month and registration must be done in advance. All students must bring a model to work on.


Model application start at 1:00 pm

Class Schedule